DUB® - Stacks
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DUB® DUB-Stacks

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A set of Stacks Series wheels by DUB is the perfect cost-effective alternative to your factory steel wheels. This cast wheel features a monoblock construction to ensure maximum strength and durability, as well as a contemporary design to complement your vehicle. Full overview
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Product details

Seeking the perfect balance of price, performance and reliability to replace your factory wheels? Don't compromise on anything with Stacks Series wheels by DUB. Made utilizing innovative casting processes, the DUB wheels offer an optimum combination of weight and durability to ensure long-lasting performance and better mileage. DUB's engineers also paid a lot of attention to the design of each wheel to suit the taste of today's most sophisticated customer. Couple this with a highly competitive price, and you'll get a premium product that is going to be on your budget.
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Key features

DUB Wheels are synonymous with quality. They are engineered to the highest market standards.
Most mundane vehicles enjoy a newer and more expensive look when they are fitted with a new set of DUB Rims.
DUBS wheels, manufactured by MHT, are the epitome of quality, fashion, class, and revolution.
The bright and catchy colors of the rims will make your vehicle a fashion statement and a sight for sore eyes.