Factor 55® - HitchLink 2.0 Reciever Shackle Mount 2" Receivers Red
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Factor 55® 00020-01

HitchLink 2.0 Reciever Shackle Mount 2" Receivers Red
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Product details

Hitchlink 2.0 Reciever Shacle Mount. Use your receiver as a recovery tow point.
  • SKU: 00020-01
  • UPC: 712395938911
  • Anodized or powder coated for oxidation protection
  • Made in USA
  • Never exceed factory receiver hitch pull rating
  • Always pull in line with the hitch, do not bind or side load the shackle
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Item Details

color Red
always use a quality steel alloy 5/8" hitch pin
fits common 3/4 screw pin shackles/d-rings
fits standard 2" receivers
ultimate failure at 51,000 pounds
rated at 9500 pounds
weighs only 1.9 pounds. steel versions weigh up to 8 pounds
lightweight precision cnc machined 6000 series aluminum

Key features

Factor staff has extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense, and semiconductor industry.
Factor 55 products are designed and manufactured using state of the art technologies.
Before the company releases any products to the public, they also perform a destructive test on each design.
Factor 55 they produce all of their products from aerospace quality materials. From 6000 and 7000 series aluminums, to 6AL-4V titanium double shear pins.