Factor 55® - ProLink XTV Shackle Mount Assembly ATV/UTV Red
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Factor 55® 00110-01

ProLink XTV Shackle Mount Assembly ATV/UTV Red
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Product details

Shackle/D-ring mount for UTV and ATV winch lines. The ProLink XTV allows UTV and ATV winch owners to replace the conventional winch hook with a safer and stronger shackle/D-Ring. Winch hooks can cut and fray recovery straps and often allow strap ends to escape during typical loose/tight cycles of a winching recovery. Screw pin shackles do not allow strap loops to escape due to the secure screw pin attachment. The ProLink XTV does not require splicing and is compatible with steel cables or synthetic ropes up to 5/16 in.. The cable eye is retained in the ProLink XTV by a 7/16 in. diameter titanium double shear pin and internal snap ring. It is easily installed in minutes. The EPDM Rubber Guard protects alloy fairleads and is securely attached to the ProLink XTV with 4 barbed tips. The ProLink XTV stows neatly against either roller or Hawse type fairleads and is designed to be used with common standard 1/2 - 5/8 in. shackles. Made in the USA, the ProLink XTV is constructed of 6000 series billet aluminum and 6Al-4V titanium and is anodized/powder coated in 5 different colors. The ProLink has a max load rating of 6000 pounds and an ultimate failure of 22,000 pounds.
  • SKU: 00110-01
  • UPC: 712395939246
  • EPDM Rubber Guard protects alloy fairleads and cushions line stowage
  • Simple snap ring removal for shear pin
  • Stops hook rattle and fairlead damage
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Item Details

color Red
max load rating 6000 pounds
ultimate failure 22,000 pounds
fits common 1/2 and 5/8 shackles/d-rings
fits steel cables and synthetic winch ropes to 5/16" diameters
weight - 8.3 ounces
precision machined from 6000 series aluminum and 6al-4v titanium

Key features

Factor staff has extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense, and semiconductor industry.
Factor 55 products are designed and manufactured using state of the art technologies.
Before the company releases any products to the public, they also perform a destructive test on each design.
Factor 55 they produce all of their products from aerospace quality materials. From 6000 and 7000 series aluminums, to 6AL-4V titanium double shear pins.