Lakewood® - Drive Shaft Loop (Specific Fit)
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Lakewood® 18000

Drive Shaft Loop (Specific Fit)
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Product details

  • SKU: 18000
  • UPC: 084041180006
  • 14 x 2 in.
  • NHRA And IHRA Approved
  • Made Of Zinc Plated Steel
  • 4 Piece Design
  • Easy Installation In Flat Floor Board Vehicles
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Item Details

material Steel
finish Zinc Plated

Key features

Lakewood Industries manufactures safety and suspension products including bellhousings, traction bars, drag shocks and lowering springs.
Lakewood Safety Bellhousings are made for just one purpose to minimize the destructive effects of a clutch or flywheel explosion.
Lakewood Engine to Transmission Adapters is an excellent choice where the use of an SFI approved bellhousing is not required.