Metra® - Dual Row LED Lightbar
Metra® - Dual Row LED Lightbar
Metra® - Dual Row LED Lightbar
Metra® - Dual Row LED Lightbar
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Metra® DL-DR52

Dual Row LED Lightbar
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Dual Row LED Lightbar; 8 in.; 36 Watt Full overview
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The new Daytona Lights series is engineered and manufactured to meet all international standards while providing incredible value for vehicle owners. This new product line of aftermarket automotive lighting includes headlight replacement bulbs and decoders, dual-row and ultra-slim LED lightbars, and cube-style LED lights at an affordable price. Advanced thermal management, short circuit and open circuit protection and many other innovative features repel moisture and extend the overall
  • SKU: DL-DR52
  • UPC: 086429379330
  • 52 in. Light Bar
  • 300 Watt
  • 18000lm Raw Lumens
  • IP Rating IP67
  • Die Cast Aluminum Housing Material
  • Black
  • Polycarbonate Lens Material
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
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Item Details

overall length 52.000 in.
size 52"

Key features

For over 70 years, Metra has maintained its cutting edge by paying attention to our marketplace and innovating products to fit the needs of the installer.
Metra Turbokits are designed to be heard but not seen. This means that their fit and finish is the best in the business.
GSXL Turbowires longer length for ease of installation and thicker OEM cables with OEM connectors make for a mighty install.
As emerging vehicle technology presents new challenges for installers, Metra can help your business with problem-solving solutions.