NOS® - Rocket Bike T-Shirt
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Rocket Bike T-Shirt
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These NOS Bottle Rocket Bike T-shirts feature original artwork by Chris Froggett and come alive in vivid colors on a black background. The large print on the back depicts an NOS-equipped Suzuki Hayabusa getting ready to make another pass by the umbrella girl, NOS Nikki. Full overview
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The use of nitrous oxide as a performance enhancement has been used since World War II. Allied aircraft used it for emergency boosts in airspeed and altitude capabilities. By the end of World War II, jet propulsion had been invented and the United States' government was losing interest in piston-powered aircraft. For nearly thirty years, the application of nitrous oxide on vehicles would be privileged information. The advent of drag racing's Pro Mod class in the 1980s provided a boost of popularity to NOS. In fact, both the first 200 mph run and the first 6-second run were aided by NOS. Racers and performance enthusiasts at every level took notice of these remarkable feats. It is conceivable to say that nearly every significant performance milestone with nitrous was done with the NOS brand. Race reports show that the NOS brand still powers more racers than all others. In 2001, the summer blockbuster The Fast and the Furious displayed a subculture to which NOS belongs. Serious performance enthusiasts knew about NOS, but now the world would know of the brand and its potent power potential. NOS was also the first automotive performance product to have a consumable food product to use its name and logo - NOS Energy Drink.
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  • Original Artwork By Chris Froggett
  • Hanes Beefy T
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shirt color black
style mens
shirt size xxx-large
shirt style mens
mens xxx-large
bottle rocket bike logo

Key features

NOS maintains a complete research and development center including computerized dynamometer equipment as well as a nitrous/fuel flow testing facility.
NOS prides itself on offering the most complete systems on the market today. They include virtually every component that may be needed for a complete installation.
Nitrous can be extremely advantageous in that it is only used when you want it, not all the time. All NOS kits are designed for maximum power with reliability for a given application.
Nitrous offers tremendous gains in torque without having to rev the engine to excessive rpm’s.