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Powertrax® 1025421PAA

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For vehicles that are driven daily, the Powertrax No-Slip Traction System is the latest design in quiet traction-adding differential technology. It combines the automatic street-friendly smooth operation of a limited-slip differential with the traction performance of a locking differential. The Powertrax No-Slip locker easily installs in to your differential carrier using basic tools and without affecting your ring and pinion settings. Powertrax Grip-Lok, Lock-Right Lockers and No-Slip Traction Systems automatically provide 100% traction on-demand, under the toughest circumstances. The Powertrax Grip-Pro and Grip-LS performance limited slips offer smooth dependable torque transfer and traction for the best of both worlds!
  • SKU: 1025421PAA
  • UPC: 698231977934
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Item Details

used in lock right units 1210-LR, 1211-LR, 1220-LR, 1230-LR, 1240-LR, 1250-LR, 1310-LR, 1311-LR, 1510-LR, 1512-LR, 1520-LR, 1521-LR, 1530-LR, 1532-LR, 1540-LR, 1610-LR, 1611-LR, 1615-LR, 1620-LR, 1630-LR, 1640-LR, 1710-LR, 1810-LR, 1815-LR, 1816-LR, 1820-LR, 1821-LR, 1822-LR, 1830-LR, 1831-LR, 1910-LR, 1920-LR, 1921-LR, 1930-LR, 1931-LR, 1932-LR, 1935-LR, 1940-LR, 2110-LR, 2111-LR, 2115-LR, 2116-LR, 2210-LR, 2309-LR, 2310-LR, 2311-LR, 2312-LR, 2410-LR, 2413-LR, 2414-LR, 2415-LR, 2416-LR, 3110-LR, 3111-LR, 3211-LR, 3220-LR, 3310-LR, 3710-LR, 9010-LR
used in no slip units 9122062500, 9222692600

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