Clutch Disc

Clutch Disc

A clutch disk is a metal plate covered with friction material on one of its sides. Located between the flywheel and the pressure plate, it is pushed against the flywheel when the clutch is engaged, delivering power from the engine to the manual transmission. The friction material on its side is similar to the one found on brake pads, which is why it is prone to wear and tear over time, so a clutch disk needs to be replaced from time to time.

Signs of a worn-out or faulty clutch disk

  • Hard shifting
  • Slipping or shuddering
  • Increase in engine speed doesn’t cause the vehicle to move faster

Clutch disk replacement and maintenance

  • Transmission fluid and engine oil can lead to clutch disk failure. If you notice any oil of fluid leaks when replacing your clutch disk, they should be fixed to prevent possible damage to a new clutch disk and other clutch components. Your mechanic or repair shop can also recommend you to replace the rear main seal and the transmission input shaft seal to avoid expensive future repairs caused by leaking seals.
  • The transmission input shaft should be replaced along with the clutch disk if it is damaged or worn-out.
  • If the flywheel has signs of wear, your repair shop or mechanic can offer you to resurface the flywheel.
  • In case the clutch slave cylinder is located inside the clutch, it is always a good idea to replace it with a brand-new part together with the clutch disk, especially, if the cylinder shows any signs of wear.
  • Bad driving habits, like resting a foot on the clutch pedal or not releasing the pedal completely, as well as incorrect cable or linkage adjustment can shorten the service life of a clutch disk.

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