Manual Transmission Fluid

Manual Transmission Fluid

Manual transmission fluid does a couple of jobs at the same time. It lubricates all moving parts inside the transmission and acts as a coolant by absorbing excessive heat. The most common manual transmission fluid is gear oil, however, engine oil and automatic transmission fluid can also be used instead of it in some cases. 

Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid should not be changed every 8000 to 10000 miles. However, if you notice abnormal noises coming from the transmission or the fluid gets dark or dirty, it should be replaced.

Manual transmission fluid replacement recommendations 

  • Transmission fluid must be changed at the manufacturer’s recommended mileage/time intervals. If your transmission fluid gets dirty or contaminated with moisture earlier, you should also replace it.
  • If you work on the manual transmission, the fluid should be changed to prevent collecting dirt and dust.
  • Abnormal noises and incorrect transmission operation are usually signs of some mechanical problems, which can’t be fixed by replacing the fluid. 
  • Use only OE recommended types of oil to prolong the service life of your transmission.
  • Low-quality or incorrect fluid can lead to improper shifting and premature failure of transmission components.
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