Air Filter For Diesel Engines

Air Filter For Diesel Engines

An internal-combustion engine needs a precise amount of fuel and air to be mixed to run efficiently. When a piston moves down it creates a vacuum so outside air can get into the engine through the air intake and filter. The latter one filters the air preventing dirt and debris from coming inside the combustion chamber. As diesel engines require much more air compared to their gasoline counterparts, their filters are usually more robust and durable.

Signs of a bad diesel air filter

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Reduced performance

Care and maintenance guide for a diesel filter

  1. An air filter must be replaced or cleaned (if possible) every 12000 to 15000 miles 
  2. The air filter housing should be cleaned each and every time you replace the filter
  3. Keep in mind that diesel air filters are often more expensive compared to gasoline motors due to their extra filtering capacity
  4. If there are any signs of oil on the filter it should be replaced as soon as possible and the PCV system be inspected
  5. Driving in sandy and dusty areas lead to faster air filter failures, so they need to be replaced more often