Diesel Engine Oil

Diesel Engine Oil

Diesel engine oil is the most important fluid found in a diesel engine. It reduces friction and wear on moving parts as well as cleans the engine and prevents it from overheating.

Signs of bad diesel engine oil

  • Check engine light or engine oil light illuminates
  • Low oil pressure 
  • Knocking noise
  • Sludge buildup on the cylinder walls

Diesel engine oil maintenance 

  • Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals.
  • The engine oil light can turn on because of low oil pressure, problems with the pressure sender or its wiring. You should check the oil level and pressure first. If they’re good, inspect the sender, wiring and the gauge.
  • Low oil pressure may be a result of failed engine seals or hoses that leak. Inspect the engine and hoses for leaks if you have to top up oil on a regular basis.
  • Use oil recommended by the manufacturer. Incorrect oil can lead to low oil pressure and cause the oil light to illuminate.
  • Shut down the engine once the engine oil light comes on to avoid any possible damage to the motor. Check the oil level and top it up if necessary. Call your mechanic for a piece of advice.