Engine Oil

Engine Oil

Engine oil is a liquid lubricant which is used to reduce friction between internal moving engine parts, and dissipate heat from these components to prevent their damage and overheating.

Signs of poor engine oil

  • Sludge buildup in the engine 
  • Knocking noise from the engine 
  • Low oil pressure
  • Engine oil light is on

Engine oil maintenance 

  • You should always follow the automaker’s recommended oil type and change intervals.
  • If your engine oil light is on, this may happen because of low oil pressure, a failed oil pressure sender or its defective wiring. Check the oil level and oil pressure first. Then inspect the pressure sender, oil gauge and wiring if needed.
  • Leaking internal oil seals may cause low oil pressure. You should be sure that there are no internal or external leaks before replacing engine parts.
  • The engine oil light may turn on due to the low pressure caused by the use of non-recommended oil.
  • It is forbidden to drive a vehicle when the engine oil light is on. If so, shut down the engine, wait until it cools down and check the oil level, then top it up if necessary.