Fuel System

Fuel System

The job of a fuel system is to supply fuel to the engine in order to keep the combustion process running.

Unlike many years ago, when most vehicles on the road were equipped with carburetors and mechanical fuel pumps, today’s fuel injection systems are more complex and consist of many mechanical parts and electrical devices. In modern fuel injection systems fuel is supplied by an electrical pump and sprayed into the intake manifold or cylinders by computer-operated fuel injectors. This has made our vehicles more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Main components of a fuel system:

Fuel tank

A fuel tank is a big reservoir where fuel needed for engine operation is stored. It also houses a fuel level sensor (float) that allows for measuring fuel level, and some other devices, including a fuel pump assembly with a fuel filter and pressure regulator, when it comes to newer vehicles. 

Fuel injector

This is a nozzle-and-valve assembly which job is to spray atomized fuel into the intake manifold or cylinders. 

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Fuel pump

A fuel pump is a heart of a fuel system, sending fuel from the tank to the injectors.

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