Lower Radiator Hose

Lower Radiator Hose

A lower radiator hose serves to carry cooled coolant from the radiator back to the engine. Its damage will cause a variety of problems, including the following:

  • Coolant leaks and a low coolant level
  • Engine overheating
  • High temperature gauge readings

Lower radiator hose and related parts maintenance

  • Made of rubber, engine cooling system hoses, including the lower radiator hose, are prone to cracking as they age, and deteriorate when they come in contact with oil. You should check them for cracks and swelling from time to time.
  • When replacing a cooling system hose, all other hoses along with other parts of the system should be inspected for wear and damage. 
  • New hose clamps and other supplies should be used when replacing engine cooling system hoses. This will prevent possible leaks.
  • Replacing the thermostat is recommended along with your water pump or radiator replacements or if you have got a system flush.

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