Timing Chain Tensioner

Timing Chain Tensioner

As its name suggests, a timing chain tensioner applies appropriate tension to a timing chain to prevent it from skipping teeth. It relies on either a spring-loaded mechanism or hydraulic pressure to operate.

A failed or malfunctioning timing chain is a source of a number of engine-related problems:

  • Rough running or stalling 
  • Abnormal noise coming from the engine
  • Misfires or backfires
  • Illuminated check engine light

Timing chain replacement and maintenance

  •  All gears and guides should be replaced along with a timing chain.
  • There are engines with more than one timing chain. All the chains along with their gear sets should be replaced together.
  • If a water pump is driven by a timing chain, it should be replaced with the timing chain
  • High-quality synthetic oils can prolong the service life of a timing chain.