Power Steering Pressure Hose

Power Steering Pressure Hose

A power steering pressure hose serves to transfer pressurized hydraulic fluid from the compressor to the steering gear in vehicles equipped with a hydraulic power steering system. It is made from durable materials to withstand high pressure and temperatures.

A power steering pressure hose is a maintenance item, which is prone to wear and tear. That’s why it must be replaced from time to time to avoid problems with the steering system. A failing power steering pressure hose will alert you of a problem with one or more warning signs provided below:

  • Power steering fluid leaks
  • You have to apply more effort to turn the steering wheel
  • Reduced power steering fluid level and/or abnormal noises from the steering pump

Power steering pressure hose replacement

  • You should use only factory replacements or high-quality aftermarket parts which fit the same way.
  • Many European vehicles come with a steering reservoir that contains a built-in filter. This filter usually gets clogged every 60000 miles, which is why we recommend you to replace the reservoir and flush the system when replacing the hose. 
  • As power steering fluid ages, it becomes darker and looks similar to engine oil. Make sure you have a leak in the steering system before replacing the power steering pressure hose or another part.
  • Your steering system also features other fluid hoses which can leak. You should check the entire steering system for leaks when replacing the power steering pressure hose.