VooDoo Offroad® - Fire Starter with Paracord
VooDoo Offroad® - Fire Starter with Paracord
VooDoo Offroad® - Fire Starter with Paracord
VooDoo Offroad® - Fire Starter with Paracord
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VooDoo Offroad® 1600003

Fire Starter with Paracord
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Fire Starter w/Paracord Full overview
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VooDoo Offroad's Fire Starter with Paracord is a necessity when it comes to getting off the pavement and onto the trail. Utilizing a high quality 4" Magnesium Alloy Ferro Rod gives you the ability to create a 5,500 F shower of sparks in any weather and or altitude. Don't worry if you can't get the fire started on the first strike because this compact 4" ferro rod allows for 12,000+ strikes! Furthermore, the fire starter is attached to a 7-strand 9 ft paracord which can be used as an emergency tourniquet, extra rope, tent repairs, or boot laces. Attached to the paracord is a multi-tool striker which can be used as a flint scraper, hex wrench, ruler, or bottle opener.
  • SKU: 1600003
  • UPC: 618089016166
  • Large Diameter Strike Plate Ensuring Ample Space For Multiple Strikes
  • 12000 Plus Strikes
  • High-Quality 3/8 in. Thick Magnesium Alloy Ferro Rod/4 in. Length
  • Ignites A 5500 Degrees Fahrenheit Shower Of Sparks At Any Altitude In Any Weather
  • Windproof And Waterproof/Made Of Highly Effective Ferrocerium Magnesium And Mischmetal
  • 9 ft. 7 Strand Paracord With Multi-Tool Striker
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thick 3/8 in.