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Power Tank® - Trailhead Tire Deflators

These are the Best automatic tire deflators on the market. They are made from machined aluminum and then anodized. They are accurate to +/- 1 PSI and are completely rebuildable if they get dirty. I've owned a set for years and had to rebuild them once....


Power Tank® - Tire Inflator Replacement Gauge

If you need to replace or upgrade your tire inflator gauge or just want to use this gauge for some other use, you can't beat the quality of PowerTank. The lower stem is 1/8 NPT threads.


Power Tank® - Super Flow HP250i Regulator Replacement Gauge

Here is the replacement gauge for the outlet pressure of any Power Tank COMP Series SuperFlow regulator. It will fit all Power Tank COMP Series regulators dating from 1997 to Present. The case is chrome plated steel with a custom yellow Power Tank face....


Power Tank® - Standalone Handle Grip

The newest feature of the Power Grip Guard Handle that protects every Power Tank regulator is the patented (9914559) hose and tool holder machined into the grip. This allows you to hang your hose or keep an air tool out of the dirt while you're wrenching...


Power Tank® - Sports Bar Mount

As much as we all love our Wranglers, interior space is not one of its strengths. While our BTS bracket is great at keeping your Power Tank down low, within easy reach, it took up precious cargo space. Now, with the release of our Sports Bar Mount, you...


Power Tank® - Spiral Gauge for Sidearm Regulators and ARB Manifolds Power Tank®

Stainless Steel case, poly carbonate lens, 1/8 inch NPT back stem, custom Power Tank face, waterproof, good impact resistance and vibration resistance.


Power Tank® - Speed Bag

If your Power Tank is more of a mobile tool being carried from place to place then the Speed Bag is what you need. The Speed Bag offers great protection for your shiny Power Tank from bumps and bruises and features two large pockets for storing your air...


Power Tank® - Six Shooter Aluminum Tank Knob

These Six Shooter colored knobs replace the black plastic knob on top of your Power Tank. With just one nut to undo, this is the easiest way to take your Power Tank to the next level. They are individually machined, not cast, just like all of our products...


Power Tank® - Pro Series Shock Inflator

Our Shock Inflator has quickly become the industry favorite shock service tool. We designed it with features that others do not have like true USA made No Air Loss (NAL) chucks that do not leak because even the smallest leak can cause you to pull out...


Power Tank® - 500 PSI Shock Inflator with Analog Gauge

Here's an affordable and easy to use shock inflator. The built in valve allows you to control the flow. The braided high pressure air line is supple allowing it to snake around tubes and body parts to access the chuck onto the shock valve. The special...


Power Tank® - Roll Bar Clamps

With our mounting brackets these ABC (Aluminum Billet Clamp) Clamps make mounting your Power Tank easy and clean. The compact design allows it to fit between the roll bar and the inside of the rig. The allen socket button head bolts are nothing less than...


Power Tank® - Daystar Pro-Mount Aluminum Roll Bar Clamps

Each Pro-Mount aluminum roll bar clamps from Daystar is CNC'ed from 6061 aluminum for incredible durability. We use them for our Power Shot brackets, but they can be used to mount nearly anything such as action cameras, lights, or fire extinguishers....


Power Tank® - Racer Series Digital Tire Inflator

Digital Tire Inflator Racer Series 100 PSI 2 Foot Braided Hose Clip On Chuck from Power Tank. What do racers want the most from their tire pressure gauges? Accuracy. Here's the most accurate tire pressure gauge under 400 dollars. How do we know? We test...


Power Tank® - Propane Tank Power Bracket

The COMP Series of the Power Bracket features two Straight Jacket stainless steel surround straps with threaded latches. The Straight Jacket straps increase the holding strength of the bracket and make this a full race ready bracket. The main difference...


Power Tank® - Propane Tank Bracket

Mount your propane tank to trailers, vehicles, or whatever you want to. The frame is made of sturdy .125 aluminum with rubber trim and bumpers at all major contact areas of the tank. The strap is stainless steel and features an adjustable quick release...


Power Tank® - Pro Series Digital Tire Inflator

Here's the first of a new line of PRO Series tire inflators designed for the racing industry. The main feature of the PRO Series digital gauges is the unprecedented accuracy of +/- .2 psi in such an affordable unit. That's right, Point two PSI.


Power Tank® - Power Tank® to ARB Manifold Install Kit

If you want to use a Power Tank or other air system other than an ARB compressor to run your ARB's with the ARB electric switches, then you'll need this kit. We tap unique ports into this custom aluminum manifold to mount the ARB solenoid valves together....


Power Tank® - Power Tank® to ARB Locker Connection Kit

The Power Tank to ARB locker connection kit allows you to power your air lockers using your Power Tank safely. This kit has a plug that fits directly into your regulator, a push-in fitting for your blue ARB line, and a pressure release valve to prevent...


Power Tank® - Power Grip Guard Air Tank

Power Grip Guard Air Tank Handle from Power Tank. Our last handle design was a breakthrough for us. It was stronger, better looking and more functional than the previous three versions and was copied by at least three other companies. For 2016 we changed...


Power Tank® - Power Flow III Coupler

Power Flow 3 Air Hose Coupler. This newly designed air tool fitting has superseded the Power Flow 2 with thermal vents to alleviate lower temperatures from the Power Tank regulator. The Power Flow 3 still has eight locking balls to secure a standard 1/4"...


Power Tank® - Pneumatic Air Toggle Switches

If you're like most offroad competitors, you'd rather have the simplicity and reliability of a total pneumatic air locker system. These air toggles include push-in compression fittings made to fit the ARB airline, so hook up is a breeze. Note: ARB has...


Power Tank® - Nitrogen Regulator Kit

Nitrogen Regulator Kit for Shocks from Power Tank. Nitrogen shocks are becoming more common on race and non-race vehicles, and with that comes the need for tools that allow owners to service and adjust them. Here's a straightforward and affordable regulator...


Power Tank® - Nitrogen N2 Sidearm System

Nitrogen N2 Sidearm System from Power Tank. This is the N2 Sidearm air system. It is carried on a shoulder sling and gives you nitrogen air for quick tire checks using the included PT Tire Inflator.


Power Tank® - Monster Valve Tire Deflator Kit

Monster Valves are over sized, light-weight, yet strong valve stems that you install as a second stem to your wheel. Made from 7018 aluminum, they are the fastest tire deflation and inflation product on the market. Imagine airing down a 40x13.50 tire...


Power Tank® - Monster Valve Air Chuck

Monster Chuck Assembly 90 Degree Elbow from Power Tank. Monster Chuck Assembly, Monster Chuck, 90 degree Elbow, Ball Valve, Indus. Plug. Monster chuck with Valve fits our large bore Monster Valves. The on/off ball valve gives you control at the valve...


Power Tank® - Mini Monster Tire Deflator Valves

Mini Monster Tire Deflator Valves from Power Tank. If you want an Economical yet Super fast way to deflate your big tires here it is. MINI MONSTERS are deflation valves that are easily installed into your wheels. With a twist of the little knob your tire...


Power Tank® - Jet Pak Air System

The Jet Pak air system is found on professional race cars in every discipline from drag cars to Ultra4 desert racers. This kit will get you high pressure, low volume air for your air chute, airbag, shifter, or air locker. This kit includes two 20 oz CO2...


Power Tank® - Impact Socket Set

This is a 13 piece deep socket set for 1/2" drivers. It is the set we use in all of our rigs because of it's great price to performance. These will work with any of the impact wrenches we stock.


Power Tank® - Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

What makes Power Tank Tire Inflators better than others? They are made to withstand higher inlet pressures without leaking as our Power Tanks may push over 300 PSI into them. That means special lube, o rings, pistons, and gauges. And don't forget the...


Power Tank® - Tire Pressure Gauge

The ultimate in tire pressure checking and adjusting for all tires including those on trucks and RVs. You have plenty of gauge choices to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. The liquid analog gauges are filled with silicone instead of glycerine,...

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Truck & Gear provides well-crafted parts and accessories. They meet specific requirements for look, comfortability, durability, aerodynamics, and weight of the vehicle. Our assortment allows you to build a truck that will satisfy all your needs. Besides the cab parts we provide:

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